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Introducing the
Electronic Speed Control
​​​​​​​Tattoo Power Supply by TATTCOM...

  • A compact tattoo power power supply with Bluetooth® for wireless connectivity to our mobile app and accessories.
  • Compatible with rotary and coil machines. (speed mode only works with rotary)
  • Proprietary motor control algorithm specifically designed to improve rotary machine consistency and performance.
  • A powerful 86 watt motor driver starts even the hardest machines.
  • Speed (hz) or Volt (vdc) dual modes of operation.
  • Integrated magnetic mounting and metal table stand.
  • Capacitive touch buttons that will never wear out.
  • Flash memory saves all user settings.
  • Screen flip option allows unit to be run in multiple orientations.
  • Switchcraft® locking power connector.
  • All metal 1/4" machine and pedal jacks rated to 5000+ mating cycles. 
  • 10 total presets 5 for each mode (speed/volts).
  • High contrast 2.4" OLED screen with wide viewing angle.
  • Rechargeable wireless Bluetooth® foot pedal coming soon! (sold separately)
  • Mobile apps provide touch-less voice control options to reduce cross contamination.
  • iOS™ and Android™ devices supported.
  • IP67 waterproof enclosure and sealed connectors prevent any contamination from ever reaching inside the unit and make cleaning a simple task.
  • Dual voltage power adapter for international operation (110/220v).
  • Shipping Summer 2019.
  • MSRP $400 USD ESCx Power Supply (est)
  • MSRP $200 USD Bluetooth pedal (est)​​​
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